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CH-11(Curing agent DP725B)

CH-11(Curing agent DP725B)

Product Description:

Common name: Crosslinking agent DP725B,Curing agent DP725B,Rubber additives DP725B, Bridging agents DP725B,Initiator DP725B
Chemical name: l,l-bis(t-butyl peroxy)cyclohexane
Formula: C14H26O4
Molecular Weight: 260
Cas    N0: 3006-86-8
Chemical structure:  
Solubility: Soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, esters, ethers,
olefins etc; Insoluble in water.
Usage: This product is low volatility, yellowish liquid,ketone peroxide.
Used as Initiator for polymerization of styrene, crosslinking
agent for polyethylene and elastomers, heat curing agent for
Unsaturated polyester.
Half-Iife data:

Activation Energy 34.6 kcal/mol
lOhr. Half Life Temp 94'C
t hr.Half Life Temp 113'C
Imin.Half Life Temp 153'C

Safety data: Flash point 70'C
Tem 60'C
UN-No (92%) 3101
CN-No n.a.
Properties: Density ~ 1
Melting point -15'C
Active oxygen content 12.31%
Package and storage: 20kg or 25kg net, PE drum.
Below 30'C stored, and keep it in cool and dry place. Keep away
from direct sunbeam and violent shaking during transportation.
Not permissible to be accompanied with strong acids or reductive
agents during storage or shipment.
Appearance Yellowish liquid
Assay Min.80%
Color Max.60 Hazen
Fe Max. 3ppm
Diluents lso dodecane/mineral/ethyl benzene