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How to prevent rubber scorching
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If the rubber scorches, its plasticity decreases, and mobility loses, which will bring difficulties for processing, such as pressure contraction and rolling effect increases; rolling stretch reducion, rolling and extrudate surface roughness; dissolution and bonding difficulty; sponge rubber is not easy to foam, and even leads to the rubber scrap.

According to rubber scorching causes, the following measures could be taken for prevention:

1) to choose the curing system (mainly accelerator) with long scorching time. For the rubber that is easy to scorch or the rubber in the summer, the appropriate reduction in the amount of accelerator, or addion with a scorch retarder are important.

2) to control the processing time strictly and temperature of the rubber, to avoid to withstand repeated mechanical processing;

3) to note the management of rubber. To determine the order of use according to the length of history, and the mix ratio and management of the return rubber.




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