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Purposes of pressurized vulcanization
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When the the rubber is vulcanized, water evaporation and the air overflow lead to a pressure which causes the rubber expansion within air holes. In order to prevent it, curing pressure should be greater than the pressure inside the rubber. Curing pressure should be high enough. With the increasing pressure of vulcanization, the depth of the fabric layers of the rubber infiltration rise. The dense focus and flex resistance of rubber and cloth layer increase. The pressure imposion can also improve the strength of the products, wear performance. And its service life can also be extended.

Thus, the general rubber products often have to be impose pressure. And its purpose are as follows:

1) to prevent the products bubbles in the curing process, increase the density of the vulcanization.

2) plastic material is dispersed and full of mold groove

3) to improve adhesion of the layer of rubber cloth

4) help to improve the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber.





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