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Curing conditions and its related factors
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Curing conditions usually refers to pressure, temperature, time and other process factors. They have significant impacts on the curing quality. Therefore, they are often referred as ‘three elements of vulcanization’.

Even if the sulfur point is measured, the most suitable curing conditions of specific products are uncertain. The following factors shoukd be considered.

(1) the thickness of the products. Rubber is a bad conductor of heat, the surface and inner temperature increase with the cross section thickening. Cure time is generally suitable for products with less than 6 mm thickness. 

(2) The thermal conductivity of the rubber varies with the recipe.

(3) For non-rubber materials products(metal, fiber), their thermal conductivity is different from the rubber.

(4) model size, model materials and flat types will also affect the curing temperature and curing time.




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