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Global demand for rubber chemicals in the next three years will exceed 1.4 million tons
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This paper describes the overall trend of the global demand for rubber and plastic additives, rubber and plastic additives producers and traders to provide industry news and information.

According to the latest research report from the Freedonia, the demand of rubber chemicals (such as cross-linking agent BIPB and help cross-linking agent TAIC) in Asia-Pacific region will lead global growth, especially China. The demand for rubber chemicals in the Asia-Pacific region will be 8.1 percent average annual growth rate, being over 575 thousand tons in 2015. In contrast, the average annual growth rate of demand for rubber chemicals in the United States, Western Europe and Japan, in the next few years, will be less than 1%. The global rubber chemicals sales will be 4.7 percent average annual growth rate to grow in the next three years. In 2015, the demand will reach about 1.4 million tons. In 2015, the accelerator demand is expected to reach more than 415,000 tons. And the processing aids and thickening agent demand will reach nearly 13 million tons. Antioxidant demand is expected will be 4.6 percent average annual growth rate.





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