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The curing pressure has impacts on product performance
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Curing pressure should be selected according to the formula of rubber, plasticity size, product structure. The general principle are as followings: the large plasticity, the small pressure, the thick product, many layers, complex structure. Pressure should be small and even can be used at atmospheric pressure for thin products.

The high pressure and high temperature will accelerate the thermal degradation of the rubber molecular chain. So too high pressure will reduce the properties of rubber. The textile fabric structure will also be destroyed. At the same time, high-voltage equipment is also be demanded. The pressure is too low to achieve the pressure addition, so that the products will lack plastic, then foam to the hole and other quality problems.

The categories of vulcanization pressure are usually as the following:

1) the pressure is passed to the model through a hydraulic pump, and then passed to the rubber by the model;

2) directly by the sulfide media (such as steam) pressure;

3) pressurized by compressed air;

4) press pressure through injection machine.




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