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To resolve problems of polyurethane shoes
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In China, many manufacturers will often encounter the problems of how to improve the polyurethane shoes. In fact, the problems could be resovled through the following methods. For example, the lower density could reduce costs, which help compete with the traditional low-density EVA and PVC and other non-polyurethane shoe. PU shoes shall meet the following requirements: 1) the size stability, that is, the shoes will not shrink or distort 2) ease for processing, the material mixing ratio tolerance is good. And it has good fluidity, short products demoulding time, and good adhesion. When the density of the microporous polyurethane shoe reduces, the pore size distribution of the foam and the foam structure will change. When the density of the microporous polyurethane moldings is below 400kg/m3, it should be noticed to avoid shrinkage adverse effects for foam closed-cell in the high rates. When reducing the density of PU materials, it requests to increase the modulus of the polymer to maintain the carrying capacity of the molded foam. Factors affect polyurethane shoe resistance to sliding mainly are in the following three aspects: 1) shoe sole pattern, sole structure and style. Soles and style decide the contact surface and the force direction when people walk or run in different attitudes. 2) type of contact surface and its roughness and various environmental factors. 3)shoe sole materials types.

        The potential of polyurethane shoe market is very large. Chiina is one of the world's important shoes production countries. The annual output of shoes are about 50 billion pairs, accounting for 42% of the global production shoes. However, the amount of polyurethane in the industry is only 28 000 t / a, accounting for 2% of the total of the shoes. The polyurethane materials in the footwear industry only accounts for 6.8% in the world. In Europe, this proportion is over 20%. Therefore, in the case of maintaining good physical properties of polyurethane shoe, if the manufacturers reduce the density of the molded products, improve the resistance to slip (especially in wet or ice condition), thereby reducing costs and improving elasticity.

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