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The rubber tire vulcanization in different temperatures
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This paper mainly discusses the uneven temperature causes the uneven tire vulcanization degree.

The tire is the rubber thickness products. As the rubber is a poor heat conductor, the temperature rises while the heat is conducted slowly. Usually, the inter acheves to the vulcanization, but the exter is over vulcanization. Therefore, the vulcanization degree of uniformity of thickness products is an urgent problem of production to address.

In recent years, the small tire curing process gradually adopts the high temperature curing. Moreover, after-vulcanization effects and short curing time be good to vulcanization degree uniformity. The curing time is shotened based physical properties testing and production experience. To some extent, it reduces the over sulfide extent. If the curing temperature is tested, the most slow curing point will be found. This method can improve curing efficiency and the curing degree uniformity. However, in the actual production, only the outside temperature is inspected, the actual temperature of various parts of the tire is unknown, the temperature is changeable, therefore the results are not accurate. In order to measure the accurate temperature, people continue to make improvements, and develop many sulfide thermometers.

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