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How to determine the vulcanization temperature
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The curing temperature is the basic condition for the rubber vulcanization reactions, which directly affects the curing rate and product quality, also as one of the most important control conditions in the rubber vulcanization process.

The level of the curing temperature should be based on the compound formula. It mainly depends on the rubber type and curing system. In recent years, with the increase of room temperature vulcanized rubber and the appearance of high temperature curing, the curing temperature tends to two extremes. In particular, the high-temperature vulcanization attracts people’s attention, which could shorten the curing time, increase productivity. Rubber is a poor conductor of heat. For thick products, the high temperature curing is difficult to make the inner and outer layers to achieve a flat range. Then, when the curing temperature increases to a certain extent, it willimpact on the properties of rubber more or less. In addition, the high temperature perhaps damages the fiber materials in the rubber products, which will make its strength decrease. Thereby, increasing the curing temperature should have the appropriate technical measures. But it can not be unlimited to improve the curing temperature. Therefor, when the curing temperature is determined, the types of plastic, curing systems, the curing processes and product structures should be considered.

The practice shows that: some plastic materials'suitable curing temperature are as followings: natural rubber <143 'C, does not exceed 160'C; styrene butadiene rubber <180 'C; isoprene rubber, butadiene rubber <151'C; neoprene <151'C; butyl rubber <170 'C;NBR <180 ° C.

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