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Several important stages of the curing reaction
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The curing process is a complex chemical reaction process, which contains a series of chemical exclusion between the rubber molecules, the curing agent and other compounding ingredients. In many reactions, the main reaction is between the rubber molecules and the curing agent, which is the original crosslinking chain reaction, and other reactions are followed.

In general, the processes of vulcanization reaction can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the induction phase. At this stage, the curing agent molecules and accelerator response to a greater activity of the intermediate compound, and then cause the rubber molecular chain, resulting in cross-linked free radicals. The second stage is the crosslinking reaction stage. The cross-linked free radicals and rubber molecular chain produce a chain reaction.

The third stage is the network constitute maturity stage. The crosslinking reaction in the first half of this stage tends to be completed. The formation of crosslinks begins to rearrange and cleavage. In this stage, the crosslinking reaction has basically stopped, then consequential crosslinks rearrange and pyrolysis react, finally being vulcanizating.

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