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The challenges during process of tire vulcanization
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The process of tire vulcanization always faces specific challenges which can lead to defective finished tires or reduced production efficiency. For example, the challenges are as followings:

◎Releasing tires that have complicated tread patterns and sticky tread compounds, such as the new generation of winter tires.

◎Optimizing air-bleed between the outside of the tire and the mold to ensure optimum rubber flow, which ensures sharp sidewall lettering and clean edges to tread blocks to provide optimum tire appearance and reduce “lightness” defects.

◎Evacuating any air that becomes trapped between the tire inner liner and the bladder during the shaping process to eliminate the risk of trapped-air defects.

◎Optimizing cured tire appearance to help achieve maximum market acceptance of your brand – especially in the highly competitive world of ultra-high performance tires.

◎Minimizing curing press downtime.

◎Reducing curing-related tire defect levels.

◎Reducing the build-up of mold fouling on tire molds.

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