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Properties of Vulcanized Rubber
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While vulcanized rubber is elastic, meaning it will return to its original shape, it is also 10 times more rigid than normal rubber as a result of the vulcanization process. Rigidity means that vulcanized rubber is more difficult to bend out of shape in the first place, adding to its use in heavier applications, such as tires.

When rubber is vulcanized, it becomes cross-linked in its chemical structure at the atomic level. This linking of stronger bonds makes vulcanized rubber over 10 times stronger than natural rubber would be. This is one of vulcanized rubber's greatest strengths, as it allows rubber to be used in making more heavy duty products since it can stand up to more punishment.

Vulcanized rubber is just as elastic is it was before the vulcanization process, assuming no more than 10% sulfur was added by weight of the mixture. This adds to the durability of vulcanized rubber, allowing it to bend and then move back to its original shape.

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