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Microcapsules could be applied into deodorant and sterilizing.

Microcapsules could not only add favor into fabrics (fragrance microcapsules), but  are used as high effective bactericide  which are harmless to humans and not exciting to the skin. The microcapsules containing bactericide are firmly bound on fibers or filled in gaps of textiles. They can release bactericide outwards both continuously and enduringly. Generally, after textile finished by bactericide microcapsules has washed with water for 50 times, the disinfection effect is greater than 99 percent, and after 100 times, the effect still reaches over 98 percent. The microcapsules of bactericide and deodorization can also used for cleaning and sanitizing, arranging in automobiles to make seat and back cushions have perfume and be disinfected and deodorized, and further to improve air and environment in automobiles.


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