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Fragrance microcapsule auxiliaries are mainly used to manufacture perfumed cotton fabrics and to processes of fragrance stamping, finishing, printing, etc. For example, they could be applied into textile finishing and making-silk.

Fragrance microcapsules for Textile Finishing
The auxiliary is used for adding fragrance and textile finishing. Its characteristic is that groups of hydroxy on fibers to make fragrance microcapsules firmly combine together. The auxiliary is used for adding perfume and textile finishing. Most products of fragrance microcapsules currently sold in markets have not reactivity and they are mainly bonded the gaps in fibers or textiles by sizing agents. Thus it's bad in washability and easy to remove perfume by detergents, and the perfume-lasting time is short. But the fragrance microcapsules of wall materials with reactivity are a new upgrading product. According to use functions and grades of textiles, the essential oils used can select natural essential oils such as lavender essential oil, rose essential oil and jasmine  essential oil, etc., and also select synthetic essential oils. The content of essential oil will be determined reasonably according to textile functions and factors of service cycle, seasons, etc. Costumers can select it on their own.  

Fragrance Microcapsules of Making-Silk
The auxiliary is used for making-silk process chemical fibers. Fragrance microencapsulation can be mixed with high polymer materials in molten state and then spinning. Fragrance microencapsulation is a component of the fibers and exists in fibers so as to get results of releasing fragrances persistently. The diameter of fragrance microencapsulation auxiliary is 0.6-2.0 micron and they are encapsulated by high polymer materials and essential oil. Users can choose suitable odor type and oils according to grades of fabrics, fiber materials and different needs, and wall materials of microcapsules can combine with fiber materials very well, and do not influence the performance of fiber tension and flexibility. 


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