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This article mianly describes the  Levgum technology and its applications.

Levgum technology is one that recycles rubber into reusable rubber by using a mechanical/chemical process of de-vulcanization (breaking the sulfur links that are crossed between rubber polymer chains).

This process is performed by rolling a blend of ground waste rubber with about three percent (3%) (by weight) of a patented Ecological De-Vulcanizer (EDV) for a few minutes (20 passes through a roller-mill). The result is a De-vulcanized Rubber Compound (DRC), ready for reuse by the rubber industry to make new products.

There are at least three advantages of De-vulcanized Rubber Compound (DRC). Firstly, This process has received the approval of the leading tire manufacturer in the world that the DRC is good for their tires. Levgum's DRC was tested for almost two years by that tire manufacturer in its headquarters.  The tests included laboratory tests, as well as, road tests with the final product made with approximately 13% DRC. The results were extremely good. Their performance assessment concludes that: “The Compound physical properties are acceptable using Levgum DRC.” Then, the entire process is environmentally friendly. The Levgum process answers the imposing question facing the world’s environment and ecology has no emissions, no residue, and no sewage waste. The EDV is composed of off-the-shelf materials combined together in a process that is again environmentally friendly and creates no emissions, no residue, and no sewage. In addition, The Levgum process is used on an industrial scale, and products are being made containing DRC and sold throughout the world. The fact that it is commercially used in India, Turkey, and Brazil assures us that it is cost effective.

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